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Photo of Primary students in their classes

Keystage 2

We deliver the UK National Curriculum at Keystage 2 & 3 with a  Personalised Approach to Learning.

Classes for typical students from 9 years  to 14 years focus on both core & creative curriculum subjects. Core: Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Computer Science (Information, Communication Technology & Science),Social Studies, Sports (swimming, basketball, football at Lizzy Sports Complex), PSHE & C  (Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship), MFL (Modern Foreign Language)

Creative: Drama, Art, Music, Design & Technology, Dance.

Classes for learners with Special Educational Needs (SEN), follow an adapted curriculum with a multi sensory approach and therapeutic support embedded into a child's timetable. All students access swimming, dance and movement, music as well as Numeracy, Literacy, Personal, Social, Health education.


How do we ensure that all learners keep on track?

An individualised approach ensures that teaching styles are adapted to each student.

The curriculum is differentiated to include all learners. Some students will work with an individualised plan of learning (IEP), with termly targets set towards the learning objectives in the IEP. Many of these students access a range of therapies to support their learning. At Keystage 3 (12-14 years) these students are in classes referred to as Secondary Applied where learning of core subjects has a functional approach.  Typical students work with an Individual Achievement Plan (IAP) with targets set from the termly scheme of work which follows the UK National Curriculum.

Assessment (APP) is ongoing and is built into all activities so that a young person's development is nurtured and fostered. Standardised tests may also be carried out for some of our learners during the assessment periods as per the school timetable.

A Home/School book forms a link between home and school so that both parents/carers and teachers can communicate daily if necessary. Secondary learners and their parents access communication with their teachers through Dropbox. 

Parents will meet with the senior staff together with teachers and therapists to approve the IEP/IAP for each term and to review termly reports.

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