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Applied Behavioral Analysis Training @ Cape Coast

From 10th to 13th November Multikids Academy teachers attended an autism conference and training workshop hosted by the University of Cape Coast School of Medical Sciences and the Children’s Home Intervention Program (CHIP) International. The event provided an in-depth overview on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a research-based technique used to educate and support students with autism. It was a wonderful opportunity for Multikids professional development, community outreach and networking. The Multikids Head of Education, Casey McFeely, facilitated the 4-day conference.

Multikids Parents Support Network: Joining together for health, wellness, and advocacy

Fatric Bewong is awarded Multikids'Teacher of the Year!' at the British Council Award night for Cambridge Schools. Well done to Fatric….see her citation below

Bewong is an artist who deals with painting, installation and performances. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana in 2006. Fatric has developed as unique way of using her acrylic and oil based medium which allows the paints to flow into each other creating unique textures and forms. She’s broken her boundary by not limiting herself to acrylic on canvas but also works with wax printed fabric, installation, sound and music to comment and highlight environmental and social issues.

Since 2011, she has focused her work on ecological matters using installation, performance and paintings. Her projects raise awareness on how our human action is a threat to the environment. Bewong has exhibited her work world wide.

Bewong’s approach to her own work translates into a dynamic and disciplined Art teacher. She inspires her students to break boundaries in pursuit of their unique voice. For example, students created re-claimed wearable art pieces in a recent production.

As Expressive Arts co-ordinator, she works with her team to develop Multikids dynamic and contemporary style of performance - weaving music, politics, visuals and  movement – to ask the audience to sit up and think about the world around them.

At Multikids, Fatric takes every opportunity to develop her teaching skills in working with students with a wide range of learning styles. Her work demands that she can develop techniques of teaching on a sensory stimulatory level with, for example, autistic pupils to preparing students for A level Art & Design. She is about to complete her accreditation as a Moderator for CIE Art & Design.

Shared Reading Workshop with Judy Lawson, UK

Judy Lawson, Early Years Literacy specialist, sharing with teachers how to make Big Books with their classes. She is demonstrating the importance of page turning and left to right ‘sweeping’ as you read. These books are an excellent way of creating age appropriate text for older learners who are struggling readers.

Photo of Judy Lawson giving workshop

Teachers were inspired to make their own big books after the workshops.

Photos of Teachers working through making their own big books after the workshop and practising shared reading with the students

Nutritional Workshop with Peta Cohen, M.S., R.D.

In January 2014, Peta Cohen, Clinical Nutritionist and Metabolic Specialist and the founder of the Total Life Center (an Integrative Wellness Center located in downtown Englewood, New Jersey), held a seminar at Multikids to parents and staff on the Biomedical treatment of Autism and nutritional strategies. Peta has 15 years of clinical experience successfully treating complex and chronic health issues and has been a Defeat Autism Now practitioner since 1998. After the seminar, parents and teachers had the opportunity to engage with Peta to further discuss and ask questions specifically about their own child’s nutritional needs. From this seminar, Multikids is now implementing a nutritional strategy as part of its regular lunch catering service.

Photo of Peta Cohen giving a seminar to parents and staff.

PROMPT Speech and Language Therapy Workshop with Cheryl Small Jackson

Profile photo of Cheryl Small Jackson

Multikids Therapy Centre was fortunate to host a series of PROMPT Speech and Language workshops this year. Invited participants included Multikids therapists, ABA therapists and invited practitioners. The workshop was facilitated by well renowned speech and language therapist, Cheryl Small Jackson from Centre for Small Jewels (CSJ) in the United States. The workshop gave our therapists an opportunity to work with a range of students who are reluctant speakers/communicators and to bring into the forum the challenges faced by the therapists. 


PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets) is a holistic, dynamic, multisensory therapeutic program developed for the assessment and treatment of speech production disorders. It is concerned with all areas of the child’s development and how he/she uses all domains (Physical, Mental and Social) to interact verbally with significant others. In Assessment all sensory modalities e.g. auditory, visual and tactile-kinesthetic are considered as well as speech subsystem development. For example, tone, breath support, mandibular, labial-facial and lingual control and how these systems have developed and contribute to speech production is assessed fully.


Cheryl is an expert in the field of speech motor disorders (i.e. appraxia, dysarthria and oral motor feeding disorders). She is a PROMPT certified clinician and instructor and over the past 28 years she has worked with many children in a variety of settings helping them to communicate more effectively with others particularly with Autistic children. She is also the Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Small Jewels ( based in New York, USA. 


During the last 12 years Cheryl’s interest and passion have expanded to include working with individuals with language learning disabilities, sensory processing and motor-speech disorders such as CAS (Childhood Apraxia of Speech) and Dysarthria.

Photo of the workshop participants

Cheryl was bowled over by the service that we are offering at Multikids and wants to work closely with the school to create a sustainable expertise in the field of Speech and Language provision. To this end, the Prompt Institute has formed a partnership with Multikids called the PROMPT Institute’s Partnership Program, to train 5 people to become PROMPT instructors at Multikids.  Together with traditional SLT provision, this will enhance Multikids ability to work successfully with students who need help with communication challenges.

E-Safety Clinic led by Sallassi for parents and teachers

Clinic to learn how to be E-Safe at home as well as school
Clinic to learn how to be E-Safe at home as well as school

Aria from the NDL leading staff on a Brain Gym training

Staff practicing Brain Gym exercises - Notice the Smiles!!
Staff practicing Brain Gym exercises - Notice the Smiles!!
Brain Gym Training
Brain Gym Training

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