Gifted & Talented Programmes

"Stretch Young Minds" - all children need challenge. This programme identifies and builds on talent. It also allows children to choose and nurture their interest and talent

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Multikids believes in nurturing talent in every student. Through three day focused workshops once a term, students can build on their talents and discover new interests.

Our latest Gifted and Talented  programme celebrated Fashion, Photography, and Sports and led to an event. The fashion design programme was led by Akua Ofosuhene (Freedom Country), and Photography by Nii Obodai, a renowned photographer. If you were at the show I am sure that you will agree that these presentations were stunning. Parents expressed their delight that their children, some of them young adults, were really getting skilled and confident. Seidu Karfo from Afro Dance & Creative Arts worked together with Nii Noi, Stevie and Daniel (our music team) to teach some traditional and contemporary dance with some of our talented young dancers. Within the young sports enthusiasts group, they participated in a range of Sports Events including Tae Kwondo, Basketball, Swimming and Football, which kept them not only fit but also gained knowledge about the importance of team work.

Science: Energy and Conservation Experiment

Science teacher, Amos conducted practical energy and conservation expirements with the students, comparing the energy efficiency between gas and coal by cooking rice. The students observed and measured the time each method took to cook rice and recorded any change occurances during the expirement. Discussions were held with students, after the practical.

Images of students observing and recording experiment results

Science: Sound Vibration and Filtration Experiments

Photo of students conducting experiments
Students learning about the physics of sound vibration

The Lightyear Foundation, were invited to give the students a series of sound vibration and filtration experiments. Light year Foundation is a science educational organisation based in the UK but reaching out to schools in Ghana, to teach sustainable science modules to students.

photos of students conducting experiments
Students learning about the different methods of filtration

Comic Drawing Workshop was facilitated by comic artist Joa Heijnoermans. The students began the class with an introduction about the world of comic art, lead on with a series of short drawing warmup excercises and a demonstration lecture from the teacher.  The students developed their own story boards and drawings and by the end of the workshop they produced an A4 comic story concept and a mini comic book.

Photo of students at the Comic Drawing workshop
Photo of students' Comic art works
Samples of students’ A4 comic drawing concepts and mini comic book.

Drama & Music Workshop was facilitated by UK performing artist and author Ama Budge. The students began their workshop with Yoga, body movement exercises and trust games and moved on to working with short plays, poetry, voice expressive exercises and learnt a musical piece. Through this course, students learnt expression through voice and body movement, understanding the meaning behind the poetry and short plays they learnt, expressing and putting into live the characters of the plays. 

Photo of students performing and singing

Multi-media workshop was facilitated by our ICT Tech whizz, Sallassi, and UK digital professional Matthew Barnett, and Multikids Nelson Annan. Students were introduced to creating a website using HTML coding, video, photography and Photoshop. Sallassi and Matthew together taught the students basic HTML coding to make the physical structure of the website aptly named, “Tech Gurus” ,which is now running, and took the group through the process of how to make videos and take photographs and download them onto the website. All the videos, photos and images that formed the website was developed by the students themselves by working as a team. The students also learnt filming techniques using different formats of video that were easily at their disposal, like digital instant cameras and mobile phones. 

Photos of students designing a website and filming a video

Fashion: Recyclable & Wearable Art

Art students created a fantastic collection of clothing for the school’s annual Fashion Show, which was shown as part of the End of Season Performance. This year’s Fashion Show had a theme of ‘Recyclable and Wearable Art.’ Angel, a final year student took the initiative to lead the students using her well known creative skills and fashion flair. She choreographed the fashion show liaising with the music engineer, and staff coordinating the end of year performance. In following the theme, students used old clothing and renewed them to new creations, used paints, plastic bags, plastic pure water bags and other found objects  

Photos of students designing and making clothes
Students making clothes for the Fashion Show.
Photos of students parading their fashion design at the End of Season performance
The outcome of students creations is presented as part of the End of Season Performance

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