Parents supporting Prize Giving and Graduation event @ British Council 2018
Parents supporting Prize Giving and Graduation event @ British Council 2018
Parent training in Sounds-Write to consolidate good reading and writing practise across home and school.
Parent training in Sounds-Write to consolidate good reading and writing practise across home and school.


Multikids Academy Parents is a support group for parents who have children with a wide variety of challenges. Parents meet once a term to discuss topics such as: Early intervention, therapeutic input and resources, teenager considerations, and community safety. Multikids Parents is open to all parents.

We have made four photo stories about our families. Check out Kwasi's story above. More to come...

Our amazing families tell their stories......

Comments from parents:

  • It was sure uncertainty when he joined. Why doesn’t my new School do things like the Old one?
    Patience! I told him. After a month, Kwasi came home excited telling me all about his class mates, teachers and especially about Aunt Fatima whose meals tasted so delicious.  Multikids has definitely boosted his confidence. He is very confident, understands and knows what to do.
    He has also learnt about various temperaments and is learning how to control his frustration. Very eager to learn and to let people understand his feelings and thoughts is a good way for a child to express himself. He takes part in sport activities and school plays as well.  However, He is eager to sharpen his skill in ICT and I hope he gets that.

    Multikids is helping Kwasi to build his talent in various ways and we are hopeful that Kwasi will become a great young man one day.  To all of you out there, I am truly grateful to the Almighty God for giving me a wonderful and brilliant son as Kwasi. Watch out!  He is going to be a great person one day.                   - Iris (Kwasi's mum), 2015
  • Multikids has nurtured our son’s capabilities. Over the past 6 years he has grown, matured and acquired academic, social, vocational, and life skills through the dedication and persistence of Multikids teachers and staff. The school faces each individual’s challenges head on and helps them make the necessary progress. As parents, we always felt our views and perspectives were valued. Before we joined Multikids I struggled to form a vision of a positive future for my son with autism, now he is working, in school part-time, and living independently at Next Step. We now know he has the ability to work, contribute to society and have a fulfilling life. Words cannot express the gratitude that we feel toward the school, Mandy, teachers, and all of the dedicated staff over the years.
                   - Rebecca and Patrick Awuah, 2015
  • My son has been at Multikids since January 2011. When he started he was a shy 10 year old, not sure of himself and struggling with school. I am glad to say he has changed a lot during the time at Multikids. It has been a tough journey, starting with intense effort to assess  him to find out how he could be assisted. Thus the first year was largely spent on finding his fit and auxiliary training (e.g. speech) to prepare him. This was an essential step as every child is different and has his or her own peculiar needs. Eventually the school and my son discovered each other and forged a way forward which has brought much progress in his learning. He has improved his grades, has more confidence in himself and his social interaction has changed much to. We are proud of his achievements and happy with the effort by the school to address his needs. I wish to encourage other parents with children with special education needs to consider Multikids. It's not a silver bullet for all cases; no school is even for children without challenges. The parents and family play a role too. But, its worthy tying, for you child deserves every effort.
                - G. Mittin, 2015
  • Multikids has, for the past 5 years of Kwaku's life, been our lifeline. Kwaku now 13, was assessed and diagnosed autistic at age 3 and could not fit into any other educational institution.

    We were not prepared at the time, to relocate in search of solutions for him. He went from institution to institution until we got referred to MultiKids Academy , which was in the initial stages of set up at the time; and we have not looked back since then!

    Kwaku has taken to Multikids and is very happy with their small class sizes, individualized educational programs  for each child, as well as their expertise in managing and providing quality care for children with special needs.

    Kwaku has come a very ling way from being extremely hyperactive, prone to tantrums, being almost non-verbal and lacking in communication and social skills, to a well-settled, calm and friendly young teenager, gradually gaining confidence, social and academic skills as well as adapting to his environment.

    Thanks to the dedication and commitment of the Multikids team!!! I would recommend Multikids to all parents.
         - Mr and Mrs Akuamoah, 2015
  • Wonderful performance -  alot of work put in by both teachers and students (David's dad)
  • Pupils need to dance alot more as most of them don;t do the same at home.  They need to show a lot more sweat... I loved the way they danced today...secondary parent
  • The children of Multikids' Academy have gained alot of self-confidence and also are more focused  ....  Biana Blegt
  • Impressed withthe activities in the school, very stimulating and creative.  Love the involvement of the teachers in all aspects of the curriculum ....Barbara Larbi
  • It's good to know what our children are up to when they are here.  I'm really glad I brought Kweku here!! Multikids Academy really brings out the talents of our special ones....Kweku's mum, Margaret Akuamoah
  • The carnival day was fantastic!  Thank you for organizing the students to present some of their project work for parents. The school and the teachers are working hard to bring out the talents and potential of our students. Thank you again!  Rebecca - Nana Yaw's mum
  • Today's prgramme was spectatular and I think it should be encouraged! Great stuff....Ray Yeboah - Nana's dad
  • Arriving to see children drumming and dancing - it was very impressive. I talked to my son's teachers and the Education Director. about his progress. ...Sonia.

Multikids Parent Teacher Team

Abdul, PTA Chairman hosting the Family Fun Day Out
Abdul, PTA Chairman hosting the Family Fun Day Out