Multikids VISION:
  • A society where all people can live side by side respectfully and appreciate that we each have a unique contribution to make to the world. 
Multikids MISSION:  
  • To build confidence and competency in all learners
  • To promote excellence through an enabling environment
  • To promote inclusion to empower each and every student to reach their potential
  • To pioneer Inclusion in our community through sharing knowledge and resources

THE SCHOOL -  documentary January 2016

School Leadership 

Mandy Budge  Co-Founder/Head
Mandy Budge, Co-Founder/Head
Mr Faoruk Iliasu, Head of Administration & Training
Farouk Iliasu,Head of Administration & Training, giving an address to friends and family at the launch of Multikids Foundation..
Directors: Adjeley Akwei, (Chair), Eiblin Ni Chleirigh
Directors: Adjeley Akwei, (Chair), Eiblin Ni Chleirigh

Every Child Matters

Freedom Tree made from recycled water bottles
Freedom Tree made from recycled water bottles

Multikids is on two sites: Main School & Secondary

Open University Film on Inclusion

This film looks at the different ways in which Multikids Academy (MKA) tackles the stigma of children having special or additional needs by providing qualtity education. This documentary illustrates how inclusive education can help pupils and students previously excluded from classrooms, but most importantly how our children can become valued as individuals and as learners.