Meet our agile, confident learners who have had the chance at MKA to learn, progress and achieve during school lockdown. Watch our short videos!

The global world faced with a health pandemic, is focused on a re-think and we at MKA understand that the entire education ecosystem must get in step with a digital campus with a high level of community engagement. We need to resilient and  creative to be able to articulate a child’s needs and feel supported. This is the only way the education system can change, grow and support an articulate, empowered, responsive generation of young people and educators. We want to share some clips from our students and their families, who are ready to tell your their story with certainty in these uncertain times. Please take a moment to watch these short clips which form part of our Digital Campus.

How MKA empowers students with ADHD

Students engaged in learning in their own homes using zoom and MS 365. One of our learners uses the voice to text option and this has helped her significantly in our digital curriculum delivery.