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Please see map below for directions to the school

Directions to MKA Secondary Site
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Directions to MKA Main / Administration Site
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Head of School: Mandy Budge                                                                                          Head of Administration & Training: Farouk Iliasu

Administrator: Marjorie Mettle

Residential Address for main site:

Number M3, (Near America House), Ajringano Road, 

New Otinshie, East Legon,Greater Accra, Ghana

West Africa.

Telephone: +233 (0)202966871 

Email:  Please address correspondence to Marjorie (School Administrator), who will pass on mails to the Head and other Management personnel. This mailbox is checked regularly every day by Marjorie. Thank you.


Notice to all parents and vistors to MKA

All parents/carers and visitors who wish to visit the school are kindly advised to make an appointment with the Head online (using the form below) or by telephone: +233 (0)202966871 



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