Support given by Multikids Inclusive Academy to needy families

All families with a special needs child want an excellent education for their child. They want their child to progress in life, gaining skills and achieving their potential. Just like any other parent. Many families are not able to afford the school fees for the inclusive education that they need at Multikids and so the foundation is fund raising to support these children. The articles below, tell the stories of two of the children that the foundation supports (their identity is protected). Please help  these families and many others on our waiting list by giving generously through our Donate Page or contacting the school.

The work done by the foundation through the school has gathered international attention and was televised by the BBC in Kofi's story.

Single mothers

Anastasia is a vibrant girl who suffers from epilepsy, resulting in learning difficulties. She makes friends easily, and is well liked by everyone she meets. Her mother used to work full time for a multi-national company, but had to quit her job to take care of her daughter. It was a challenge to find a school that suited the particular needs of her daughter in Ghana.  

Anastasia’s  admission to MKA has been transformative for both her and Ama.  Ama told us: “There is so much joy in Anastasia’s eyes knowing that she is going to school. Because of her I have even made new friends at the school. Anastasia knows everyone and vice-versa”.

With the stigma that comes with Anastasia’s condition, Ama has had to shield her daughter from being harassed and laughed at by outsiders. But this is not the case at MKA. She is accepted for who she is. She is loved by all.


Marginalised and non indigenous families

Didier and his father Alassane moved to Ghana from Ivory Coast during the recent unrest in the country. Before coming to Ghana, Didier was not attending school due to his condition  and he was turned away from every school they approached because no-one could cater for his needs.


It was not until Didier was taken to MKA that things truly got better for them . Now that he is at the school Didier couldn’t be happier. He is eager to go to school, even on weekends. He has changed so much since joining MKA.


Meet Joseph. His family bring him to Multikids for weekly physiotherapy (seen here with Juliet on the physio bicycle). The family have given permission for us to use this picture. They are waiting for a place in Multikids for their son since he has been at home for most of his life. The school is offering them hope that their son can be part of a learning community. They can only access this if they get a full subsidy. Joseph needs full physical support and care throughout the day. Please contact us if you would like to help this young man.


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