World Wetlands Day with a visit from the Mensah Hiplife Academy

World Wetlands Day is annually held on the 2nd of February to celebrate how Wetlands, lands that are saturated with water, help protect the earth.

Some of the students did  research on wetlands and their importance and we learnt that wetlands can help prevent flooding, they help keep river levels normal and also accept water during storms. World Wetlands day is also to raise awareness of how wetlands help the earth and making sure we protect and preserve wetlands around the world.


We were also visited by the Mensah Hiplife  Academy , who came to preform their original music for us to enjoy. All the students joined in to sing along. 


Here at Multikids Inclusive Academy we appreciate the power of music and We want to thank the Mensah Hiplife Academy for sharing theirs with us. 

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